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Habitat in Venice

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14 projects of the Atelier Isa Stürm EPF Lausanne.

Pre-graduate EPFL students spent one semester in Venice inventing clients and creating projects in Canareggio, an area treated as an urban body without codes and laws. The reorientation of the area towards Jacopo Sansovinos unfinished monument is one of the surprising discoveries of Habitat in Venice: S. Caterinas reanimation will not only produce habitats as Dario Fos Everyday Theater, the immigrants residential workshop, the Students Palazzo, bakeries, vegetable stores, fishmongers and butchers but will relate to the Misericordia, its new urban attractor and generator of vernacular Venetian life.

Project Details

University IUAV Venice


Atelier Isa Stürm EPF Lausanne
Ex Cotonificio S. Marta
Dorsoduro 2196

Professor: Isa Stürm

Assistants: Ramin Mosayebi, Boris Buzek

Students 6. Bachelor: Amez-Droz Steve, Angel Jessica, Astrup Chauvaux Anne Charlotte, Baertschi Valentin, Clivaz Leila, Debons Maurice, Fahrni Sarah, Gerber Gerald, Frossard Line, Läubli Jonas, Lu Tri-Minh, Marquis Pierre, Pinheiro Mickael, Torres Escobar Sergio Antonio, Widmer Regis

Critics: Dr. Jacqueline Burckhardt, Prof. Dieter Dietz, Prof. Urs Egg, Prof. Alberto Alessi

Lecturers: Prof. Serena Maffioletti, Prof. Gianni Fabbri, Prof. Roberto Sordina, Francesca Ferguson, Lorenz Kocher.

Exhibition: Isa Stürm, Serena Maffioletti, Aufdi Aufdermauer
Karin Wegmüller, Martin Annen, Kevin, Marialuisa Dus, Vanessa Danuser, Boris Buzek, Antonia Körfer, Ramin Mosayebi, Urs Wolf.

Publication: Isa Stürm, Boris Buzek

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